5 Exercises to Include in your HIIT Program

5 Exercises to Include in your HIIT Program

 5 Exercises to Include in your HIIT Program

HIIT has taken the fitness world by storm. Just in case you’re not familiar with it, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The idea is that you work for as hard as you can for a given amount of time, then rest for a time period, and go again. From boot camps to Crossfit and body pump classes, it’s the way to go if you want quick results. Let your creative juices flow, and create your own HIIT workout with these exercises below

 DB Thrusters

 These puppies use pretty much every muscle in your body. Your legs will tire quickly from all the squatting. Your arms might feel like jelly after pressing overhead. And your core is working the whole time trying to stabilize. Start light, go for form first, and be sure to control the descent as well.

 Cable Wranglers

If a thruster had a counterpart, this would be it. Instead of pushing the weight up, you’re pulling it backwards, almost as if you’re wrangling an angry bull. Or something more normal like playing tug-of-war. Again, it starts with the power from the hips. Keep your upper back tight the whole time, especially as you drop back down. If you need to scale it back, try the TRX squat to row.

 Barbell Inverted row

Probably the most underrated exercise in the gym. While pull ups get all the glory, they tend to exacerbate a rounded back and it’s easy to flop around when you get tired. In an inverted row, your feet stay planted, so you’re more likely to keep body control. They’re also easy to adjust as you tire out. Just make sure to fully extend and bring your chest all the way to the bar.

Man Maker

Combine a burpee, a thruster, some dumbbells, and a renegade row. Mix well - and you’ve got yourself a man maker. One rep takes at least 5 seconds on average to complete, so think about that when you’re creating your intervals. If these become too difficult (or you’re training with just body weight), try the mountain climber sprawl instead.

Jumping Pull Up

But isn’t it cheating if I jump? I can just hear the naysayers now. For absolute strength and a solid back, yes. But in the case of interval training, we’re trying to get the most out of your entire body. Not only will you be able to do more reps with a jump, but you’ll also add in a plyometric stimulus that will tax the body even more.


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