5 Must-Have Fashionable Fitness Accessories for the Active Woman

5 Must-Have Fashionable Fitness Accessories for the Active Woman

While women are breaking plenty of glass ceilings these days, it’s hard to believe that we still have to spend so much time looking for fitness gear and accessories that were crafted specifically for us. Women have always been an active bunch anywhere in the world, but in recent decades we’ve been taking up active, urban lifestyles and fitness more than ever. In fact, industry numbers show that women are the biggest spenders in this area. And yet, most fitness products that are labeled as “women’s” are just the male version of something donned in pink or purple or the floral print du jour.  

It’s time to let the world know that “girly” does not translate into “for women”. Not all women are girly, although we are all feminine, each in our way. But some of us despise floral prints and, truth be told, most of us are sick and tired of all things pink and purple. Many of us love spending our mornings running or our evenings at the gym - and this does not, by any stretch of the imagination, necessarily make us masculine.

So where’s all the stuff for fashionable adult women who lead active lifestyles? It just so happens that we found a few rare gems that cater to full-grown women and here we are sharing them with you.

Be still, my beating heart!

Okay, we’ll admit we may have let out a slight schoolgirl squeal when we saw the new Fitbit Alta HR. After spending weeks of looking through bulky, rose-colored fitness wristbands, running into this slim, feminine, but strong band was truly like finding a diamond in the rough, so we should be forgiven.

Fitbit already came out with an adult, feminine version of a fitness wristband with the basic Alta before. Now they’ve taken it a step up with the Alta HR and we just have to have it, additional metal wristband and all. And this is a perfect example of what we mean when we say pretty colors do not a women’s fitness accessory make. The blue-grey and black-grey versions of this fitness band are just as feminine, and perhaps far sexier, as their pink and peach versions. Fitbit nails it and we’re going to wear it.

Pairs well with SPECIALITÀ Basic Suplex Turquoise Sports Bra & SPECIALITÀ Basic Activewear Turquoise Leggings.

Wrap it and bag it, we’re buying it!

Any mature, active woman who juggles several roles - from the one at work to the mom or girlfriend at home to the yoga or fitness freak at the gym - knows the embarrassment or carrying either a floral print gym bag or a cute diaper bag dipped in the brightest pink to either work or a meeting between work and the gym. It’s ridiculous. Just because we’ve popped out a couple of cute kids doesn’t mean we should look infantile along with them. And our options for gym bags are usually limited, again, to clunky, masculine duffel bags with a few added flowers or an assortment of bright, girly colors.  

But if there’s one man we can trust to come through for the busy woman, it’s our good old friend Tommy Hilfiger. While the Hilfiger brand has traditional, masculine duffel bags that work for both genders, they also seem to be slowly reintroducing their simple and classic women’s tote - and dubbing it a women’s duffel bag. Ideal as a gym bag that you won’t be embarrassed to take to work or a meeting before the gym with you, this baby looks like it was made for the strong, active, busy woman.   

Pairs well with HIPKINI MP Rakuten Japan Meshed Top Dress.

Some clutch pearls, we clutch iPads

Are you a career girl on the go who can’t live a day without music? Maybe you’re packing your iPad along with everything else a busy mom needs and, like all moms, you can’t find it later. Honestly, don’t you just resent having to lug your bag around with you all day? Wouldn’t it be great if the same animal that invented the wheel could invent something that is small enough for you to carry in one hand but could fit you car keys, credit cards, phone, and tablet - and wasn’t a fanny pack or a male leather clutch?  

We were looking for exactly that when we stumbled on this clutch for iPads. Finally, the answer to our adult female prayers. It’s everything we want in a bag and we don’t have to dislocate a shoulder to carry it. But the real beauty of the bag is its thin style. Don’t let its stylish compact size fool you. This is the bag for a woman on the move.  

Pairs well with BIA BRAZIL Twisty Print Light Pink Yoga Leggings.

If we like it then we’ll put a ring on it

It’s 2017 and all people seem to be doing is - you guessed it - staring at their smartphones. But being a grown woman means - we actually have a life, thank you very much. Ain’t nobody got time to follow all those notifications! Except the really important ones. Like if the boss calls. Or if the kids call. Or if our girls message us to meet them at our favorite cocktail spot after work. You know, stuff we really don’t want to miss.

And now we can follow all of those important notifications (and ignore the rest) with a gorge accessory.  You heard us - there’s a semi-precious smart ring that vibrates and lights up whenever you get a custom set notification. It’s called a Ringly and we want it. Aside from Ringly’s design being so subtle you could wear it with almost any other piece of jewelry or your favorite little black dress, you choose which notifications you want to receive. Oh, and brace yourselves - because there’s a bracelet coming out too!

Pairs well with HIPIKINI Desert Vallejo White Workout Sports Bra and HIPIKINI Desert Hollywood White Workout Leggings.

Strong, smart, and pretty - the perfect female companion

Simple, but eye-catching. Subtle and useful. Pretty, but powerful. You’d think we were describing women, but we’re not. Among all of the smart bracelets and fitness bands that we sifted through, one really stood out. It could once have been a piece that would enhance the elegance and style of the wearer, but today, if your bracelet, necklace or ring don’t fulfill a dual purpose and look amazing, - you’re missing out.  

And here’s what really stood out about the Bellabeat Leaf. It was really, truly, and very obviously crafted for the adult, active woman. This beautiful little accessory cannot only be worn as a necklace, bracelet or a brooch, making it one of the most versatile pieces of smart jewelry we’ve seen to date - but it also measures your steps, sleep patterns, heartbeat and menstrual cycle. It’s like your new BFF - only better!

Pairs well with TRAILLINE Black Doubled Lap Lia Workout Skort.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see less of the pink hues in the women’s section and more of the stuff we deserve as grown women - refined, versatile, fashionable, and, above all, useful. We’ll keep you updated!  

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