5 Reasons to run a Marathon

5 Reasons to run a Marathon


Have you thought about running a marathon? A lot of people make resolutions on the New Year, and with the holidays coming up, we're already looking ahead towards the future and beginning to plan what steps we need to take to better ourselves. Lose 10 pounds, keep a journal, read at least one book in 2018. Everyone has their goals.

As we begin to head into the new year, have you thought over what physical goals you want to achieve? Having a fit and healthy body that is strong and capable of amazing things usually appears on most resolution lists, and one of the best ways to achieve all body-related goals is by running a marathon! Need more motivation to start training? These 5 reasons are all great ones to get you ready.

1. A healthier mind and body

We all want to live to be functional for as long as possible, and many people have things they want to change about their health. From depression to obesity to sore joints, training for and running a marathon can change your life right along with your body and mind!

2. Confidence building

Anytime you set your mind towards something, work hard for it, and then finish it completely and excellently, it's a huge confidence booster. Plus, how many of your co-workers can proudly say they completed a marathon? Give yourself a little bragging right and use your dedication to this goal as a way to grow your confidence.

3. Meet inspiring friends

People from all walks of life come together when running a marathon. From following blogs written by seasoned runners to just chatting it up at the gym, you'll meet tons of people who are following the same road as you, and this common interest can help draw together a community.

4. Achieving accomplishments

Everyone loves to see their hard work paying off, and when you run a marathon, you definitely see the rewards of all those months of training. Plus, your body will show your work fast, too. Watching your strength and endure grow while the pounds shed and your mind becomes clearer is a great way to see yourself accomplishing great things.

5. Because you can!

The only person in your way of achieving your dreams is you, and you are capable of doing anything. Run that marathon to prove not only to the world but yourself that you are capable of being powerful and successful! That confidence will bleed into all aspects of your life.

Though it may sound impossible, running a marathon is a very real event that could be taking place in your life. Stop looking at it as a something you could never even dream of doing, and look at it for what it is. A chance to grow as a person, and physically and mentally. Even if the rest of your New Year's resolution list goes unfinished, make sure you've got a check mark down for at least one thing, and make that one thing count.

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