How to stick to your diet on vacation

How to stick to your diet on vacation

How to stick to your diet on vacation

Dieting and vacation seem to be mutually exclusive. A vacation signifies a break from all things routine, right? Plus, the resort keeps bringing out cocktails and comfort foods. But some of us don’t want to ruin our fitness goals while soaking up the sun. So what do we do? Plan ahead, stay aware of hunger, and try these tricks to stay on track.

Research restaurants ahead of time

If you’ve ever seen a Snickers commercial, you know that no one makes good decisions when they’re hungry. As a planner, you’ve probably already done this when putting together your itinerary. But even the “go with the flow” types will benefit from knowing what’s out there. It gives you a better shot at making a good choice in the moment. Take a look at menus of restaurants both near your hotel and adventure spots. Write down 2-3 that definitely have clean eating options so you can hit those first, and be sure to choose ones that allow substitutions.

Eat before you go out

Again, avoid hunger at all costs. You know you’re going to go out and have a little fun, so take precautionary measures and get the clean eating out of the way. Doing this keeps you from stopping at whatever street vendor you can find after you’ve gotten lost. And it helps stave away those late night munchies.

Pack healthy snacks

Make space in your bags for snacks that won’t derail you. Most grocers nowadays offer portable healthy snacks, such as dried vegetables, edamame, nuts or beef jerky. Fresh fruit like apples and oranges are great option as well. Whether you’re keeping fueled while hiking the Amazon or just need a poolside option that isn’t chips, having these on hand keeps hanger at bay.

Talk to your social network

Let your friends and family know you’re committed to doing this right. There’s nothing worse than the peer pressure of being the “boring one” on holiday. Make sure they understand and respect that it’s your vacation and your time. Who knows, you might even be a good influence on them.

Plan cheat days and meals

Finally - it is a vacation, after all. Let yourself loose a bit! Allowing yourself some enjoyment will refresh you for when you’re back home in your routine. Just plan ahead for this. Know which days are going to be more relaxed, such as a celebration night or special taste of local cuisine. Use those to enjoy yourself, and then get back to clean eating.

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