Ride Your Bike to Work

Ride Your Bike to Work


As more and more people get involved in the fitness community that has been growing in recent years, studies are showing that the benefits of exercising is life-changing. Integrating exercise into your daily routine can provide so many rewards, but it may seem difficult to get started. A great step to take towards a healthier and stronger body? Ride your bike to work!

Bike riding is an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors, sneak in your work-out, and streamline your pursuit of a fit body. It has a freeing sense of liberation to it that comes easily, and you'll be encouraged more and more to continue exercising and experiencing the changes in your life through it.

Think about it! Bike riding is easy on your muscles and joints, and opens up a new community where you can meet friends who share your interest in cycling. No more traffic jams, no more picking up nasty germs on public transportation, and no more fighting for a parking spot! Can you really say that this isn't already sounding at least a little appealing?

Unsure? Though bike riding has unlimited benefits to the body, consider these top 3 reasons why you should break out the wheels before your next shift and enjoy the breeze as you pedal away.

  1. Saves money. Gas is expensive, and so are the cars that use them. From maintenance, to insurance, to shelling out the big bucks every time you hit empty, cars are genuine money eating machines. Cut back on your monthly costs by cycling, and if possible, ditch the car altogether. Plus, you won't even need that expensive gym membership if you're getting in your work-out on the seat of your bike!
  2. Saves the environment. Despite green, energy-efficient cars being released and growing in popularity, we are still rapidly polluting this planet. Leave your green footprint on the earth by cutting back on the toxins you release into the air by getting into cycling as a means of valid transportation. Plus, getting outside and enjoying nature can help you be more aware of how you're treating the planet.
  3. Saves yourself. Getting started on a regular exercise routine is never easy, or fun. Cycling is a hobby that many carry their entire lives as a staple activity, and it can do the same for you! Help yourself as you grow older by keeping your body in tip-top condition. Plus, the mental benefits have saved many from falling victim to things like depression and anxiety, and has proven to treat things like ADHD in children.

Take a step of courage and be brave enough to try bringing out the bicycle next more you've got an early morning you can dedicate towards taking the extra time to conquer a mile or two to your job. Even if it's not a daily occurrence, you can still make this positive change in your life and see where it takes you!

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