The best group class to take for your goals

The best group class to take for your goals

You see them working in the group exercise room every time you step in the gym. And you’ve perused the schedule trying to figure out which one to take. How do you choose? Will it be what you need? Depending on what your goals are, take these classes below to get where you want to be. See the best group class to take for your goals.

For Weight loss

Spin class

When starting off a weight loss journey, the important thing is staying consistent, avoiding injury, and putting in the effort. Extra weight can take a toll on joints when absorbing impact, so you’ll want to avoid too much running or jumping found in boot camps. Spin class provides a low-impact,  high-energy workout that you can easily adjust to your own fitness level. For best results, add in moderate intensity strength training a few days a week.

For Increased Flexibility


This one is for the athletes or weekend warriors who lift and condition 5-7 days per week. Everyone can benefit from an hour of structured mobility flows. Yoga not only helps realign your muscle tissue and open up tight areas, but it truly centers your mind as well. If you’re going 110% percent in the gym all the time, create balance with a weekly yoga class. Your body will thank you.

For Strength building

Barbell club

Loads of strength training facilities are forming weekly barbell clubs. These classes go over the techniques of traditional movements such as the squat, bench, clean and jerk, and deadlift. While a barbell isn’t necessary for strength, the atmosphere and programming will push you to new PRs. If you’re a seasoned gym rat looking to foray into powerlifting, or a novice ready to get underneath a bar, find a gym with one of these. 

For Toning


Pilates will give you a new appreciation for your willpower. The main focus might be on the core, but somehow that integrates every shaking muscle in your body. As you fight to stabilize, your muscles are under a tremendous amount of stress. “Elephant”, “Swan”, and “Snake twist” aren’t just fun animal names. They’re poses that will help improve your posture, make you stronger, and keep you looking fit. 

For Conditioning 

Boot Camp 

Want to get in better shape for your soccer league? Boot camps are a fun way to improve your conditioning in a group setting. From battle ropes to kettle bell swings, this class will keep you moving at game speed. Every class is different, so find one that fits your style. Most boot camp classes are filled with like-minded competitors who will challenge you to be your best. You’ll be running circles around the opposition in no time.

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