The Top Stretches to Do for Runners

The Top Stretches to Do for Runners

The Top Stretches to Do for Runners

Hit all of these stretches for 10-15 minutes after your run and watch your times improve. At least pick one and add it to your routine to treat your body right.

Spider-Man Lunge to Hip Lift

This combo stretch hits all your tight spots - groin, hip flexors and hamstrings. When running, you’re constantly flexing and extending the hips in a short range of motion. You’ll definitely feel sore after long runs if you don’t work these areas. Do the spiderman lunge/hip lift combo to open up your stride and run faster.

KB Calf Smash

Stretching your calves is critical to preventing shin splints, one of the most common overuse injuries for runners. Tight calves pull on your bones with every step you take and can cause a lot of pain. But sometimes, static stretching just isn't enough. The direct pressure of a kettlebell gets deep in the tissue when compared to a foam roller.

Loosen up adhesions in your fascia and muscle belly by self-massage.

Banded Hamstring X-over

Another chronically tight area in the legs is the IT band. However, the band itself is made up of connective tissue, which can lengthen with long static stretches. The muscle itself, the TFL primarily, helps adduct the hip. Do this stretch to counteract that movement by hanging the leg across the body and lengthen through the hips, back and side body.

Frog Pose

The groin is extremely ignored when it come to mobility, and that needs to change. Just because it’s awkward to stretch doesn’t mean you don’t need it. For one, most runners’ adductors end up doing a lot of extension due to weak and inactive hamstrings. If your feet tend to angle out or knees buckle in slightly, you’re at even greater risk for a groin problem. By opening up your hips, you can help realign your pelvis for better running form and pain relief.

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